APRIL 17, 2017

Call Meeting To Order 7:00 PM

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call              Frank Sciabacucchi ______ Barbara Attardo ____   Steve Rinaldi ______

Minutes: minutes of the Supervisors Monthly Meeting, held on March 20, 2017 were distributed to Supervisors for their review, comments and/or corrections.
Any Questions/Corrections

  • Motion: To                       : minutes of the Supervisors Monthly Meeting held on March 20, 2017.


  • Sciabacucchi ____     Attardo ____     Rinaldi _____
  • Roll Call: Sciabacucchi ____     Attardo ____     Rinaldi _____



Public Comment             Speakers are reminded of the 10 minute time allotment


Supervisors Comments –



Bag Drive – set for May 3, 4 and 5  Notice of dates and times will be mailed to residents.


Treasurer Report





Correspondence Received



New Business

  • Motion: To ratify March-April pre- paid bills in the amount $ 84111.87 and bills payable in the amount of $61743.95 payroll and related expenses for payroll period ending


3-22-17 44711.60
3-5-17 39619.61


Harford EFT                        601.92

Principal EFT                       482.54

Hassler       EFT                 100.00

AFLAC         95.38


BHW   $ 29310.90

Sciabacucchi_____ Attardo _____       Rinaldi ___

Roll Call: Sciabacucchi_____ Attardo _____       Rinaldi ______




To                police report as submitted.


  • Sciabacucchi_____ Attardo _____       Rinaldi ___

Roll Call: Sciabacucchi_____ Attardo _____       Rinaldi ______

Streets & Roads

Ptn Twp. has applied for and is awaiting a decision of Freeport Road Grant. Grant was submitted in the amount of $651,174 of which $455,822 was requested for Grant funds and the Twp. portion of the Grant of $195,352. Awarding of the successful grant applications is scheduled for May-June, 2017.


Shrub and Grass pickup will begin May 23, 2017 for Lower Browntown, Cork Lane, etc. and Butler Heights, 315 and Suscon area on May 30, 2017. A schedule will be distributed at the bag drive.


Fire Dept. –


Notice has been given to Pittston Twp. that they are the recipients of $275,000 LSA Grant to be used for renovation of the Ptn Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept Brydent St. Fire Station



Zoning & Planning Report



Planning Commission

Notice has been given of up-coming vacancies on the Planning Commission Board. The Supervisors are requesting applications for anyone interested in becoming an alternate. Upon a vacancy, an alternate will be appointed to the Planning Commission Board.




             Adjournment:          Motion to Adjourn


  • Sciabacucchi_____ Attardo _____       Rinaldi ___

Roll Call: Sciabacucchi_____ Attardo _____       Rinaldi ___