Zoning & Code Enforcement


The Township Zoning Officer shall not hold any elective office in the municipality, shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors for the administration of a zoning ordinance. The zoning officer shall meet qualifications established by the municipality and shall be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the municipality a working knowledge of municipal zoning. The zoning officer shall administer the zoning ordinance in accordance with its literal terms, and shall not have the power to permit any construction or any use or change of use which does not conform to the zoning ordinance. Zoning officers may be authorized to institute civil enforcement proceedings as a means of enforcement when acting within the scope of their employment.  Zoning questions can be directed to Judd Spencer, Zoning Officer at   570 498-3482 , web page pittstontownship.org, e mail   judson.pittstontownship@gmail.com.


The Code Enforcement Department also promotes and maintains a safe and desirable living and working environment by the enforcement of the codes and use of rehabilitation programs that will enhance the quality of life in our Township and help maintain healthy neighborhoods free of unsightly or hazardous conditions that can have a negative impact on surrounding property values. The Code Enforcement Office also works with neighborhood associations, public service agencies and other Township departments to facilitate voluntary compliance with  laws and codes, assist community self-help programs, develop public outreach programs, and establish community priorities for enforcement programs.

The Township of Pittston requires all commercial renovations, fit-outs or construction plans to be reviewed by the building code official and a third party agency, contracted by the township, before permits are issued.    Code Enforcement questions can be directed to Judd Spencer, Code Enforcement Officer.  web page pittstontownship.org,    phone 570 498-3482,  e mail   judson.pittstontownship@gmail.com   

Hours of Operation         10 AM to 2  PM  Tuesday and Thursday OR by appointment

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